R & R Pro Tip #41

As much as professional porn tries to provide high quality erotica and/or filth, the vast majority of it appears sterile. The concern for capturing the perfect penetration angle overrides the performers’ natural propensities for passion.  And sex that lacks sensuality is simply mechanical – providing a physical sensation that while still pleasurable, is at its core not much more than two-person masturbation.

For me, great sex is an immersive experience.  It requires more than two bodies thrusting and jiggling.  It requires a connection, both physical and mental – though not necessarily love, because great sex can still be had in its absence. But a mutual respect for one another is mandatory, even if your brands of kink align with consensual non-consent or a dynamic promoting a form of dominance.  

Skin on skin.  Flesh against flesh.  Slipping and sliding back and forth until forming a sheen of sweat. Holding onto one another for dear life. Giving into the sensations and surrendering to your carnal needs, while knowing your partner is experiencing the exact same phenomenon.  This is the foundation upon healthy sexuality is built.